Saturday, April 27, 2013

We got him good

Recently, I"ve been putting the cute stuff about my kids on Facebook, but this story needs it's own longer post.  Rob has taken to "scaring" Matthew recently, just little things like popping out of a doorway when Matt runs past and stuff like that, but last night we. got. him. good.

I have started something with the kids called "Movie Night with Mom" and last night was Matthew's turn.  I put the other two to bed (and they know they have to go willingly or they don't get their special night), made popcorn, then settled down with Matt to watch the fourth Harry Potter movie.  (Too scary for the younger two and the last one Matt gets to watch until he's older.)

Matt was so funny to watch and fun to talk to, because he has read the first four books, so he was catching all of the differences and enjoying the cinemetography.  Partway through I realized that he was sitting very close to the window and his daddy was very close to coming home.  (insert maniacal laughter here).

So I texted Rob and told him to come in the front way, but to pound on the window first.  And to text ME before he did it so I didn't freak out too.  He came up to the window and texted me and here's what happened:

Me:  Matt, I think there's something at the window!
Matt:  I'm not looking!
Rob:  (Pounding furiously on the window)
Matt:  (completely panicked):  What was that??   What was that??  (then cowers under the blankets)
Me:  I don't know!  Look out the window and check!
Matt:  I'm not looking!  (continues to hide under the blanket)
Me:  There's nothing.  I'll check out the front.  (I go to the front door to let Rob inside).
Matt:  (After a long pause)  DAAAAAAD!!!!  You scared me!!!

And of course, Rob and I are still chuckling about it this morning.  Oh, and did I mention Matt and I were watching the part of the movie where Harry is wandering around the maze?  Hee hee hee..... :)

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